Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community

To Serve You All Our Days

The Troubadours of Albion offer the services one would expect of a religious organisation.

Whilst Cunning Craft is not, per se, a religious activity, we are also Pagans.  It is as such that we offer our ministerial services.  We act in many a capacity, whether it be as ministers to the bereaved, sainers of newborns or hand-fasting facilitators. 

We hold our rites, true to the principles of Traditional Cunning Craft, but also sensitive to the needs of the client.  Also, with the application of wisdom accrued in our Craft over many centuries, you can be sure the service we provide is second to none - but the donations we ask belie this! 

For sainings, handfastings and funerary rites, we ask just £150 (£250 on festivals), plus expenses; for ordinary rituals we ask just £70, plus expenses. We can, in the right circumstances, perform spell-work on your behalf. 

As our services are bespoke, we can't give you a menu, but a good discussion will help us to help you with the very greatest chance of success.  With spell-work - as with anything - the closer you are to a problem the more potent is the solution to that problem. 

Of course, the centuries of knowledge accumulated in our traditional practice - not to mention the many decades chalked up between us - means we have a very good chance of success.

For Clergy and ministry services, please email Hatches, Matches and Dispatches