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Handmade Luxury Flat Box-Cards


It's a card. And it's a box!

You know the problem with cards is that usually, unless it's a fiver or a feather, the gift you want to give isn't able to fit inside? And the problem with boxes is that you have to throw the things away once they have served their purpose, as they aren't usually that pretty to have around.

Well this is the answer to both those problems!

A card is a beautiful thing to receive, as is a present. Now you can give a small but meaningful present in a card, because this card doubles as a box. And when it's finished its task of transporting tokens to your beloved, it goes back to being a card again! So if your beloved lives in a London broom cupboard, there's no danger of it taking up half the space - and if she wants something stored in a beautiful container, this box-card will do that whilst reminding her of your feelings for her. A result all 'round!

This handmade luxury card comes to you from our own workshop. Lovingly and painstakingly crafted by a renowned artist whose work has a highly spiritual quality, what better way to tell someone you think warmly of them at any time than by giving them something that tells them the thought that counts is a big one.

We have a range of styles available - but within those styles we can make your card to special order. Additionally, we make cards for any celebration, including weddings and handfastings, and christmas and yuletide, births, birthdays - what ye will.

Given that they are hand made and of the highest quality, they are still exceptionally good value at £5 each -or- £7 for two!

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