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Come and Join the Gathering!

We do hope that you decide to apply for membership of the Troubadours of Albion Community. As we have said, membership of the Community is a unique priviledge, not to be taken lightly nor underestimated, for although we have enormous fun and adventure on various trips away, our regular Gatherings and other events which we organise from time to time, this is a very rare opportunity to become one with traditional Cunning Folk with a heritage stretching back into the mists of time.

The monthly membership fee covers attendance at Gatherings - we charge a nominal sum per gathering for administrative purposes. Your membership at this very special level is predicated on a commitment to attending the Gatherings or, at the very least, letting us know when you aren't able to join us. We also require active participation, subject to your skills and general availability, for there is much work to be done, both in the interests of the Community and Paganism in general. We don't tolerate passengers or disruptive hangers on, those seeking only counselling (within the Community setting; of course, we may be able to assist in other ways); nor are we a dating agency.

In light of the foregoing, membership is subject to a probation period, during which your willingness to work with the Community will be considered. We do this for the good of Community members of which, when you become accepted into the Community, you will be one - whereupon you will understand our policy more clearly. You will be a member and able to sign in and use many of the features we have especially for members; however, until we make you a full member, you won't be able to use the chat facility and interactions. There's still much to be gained by joining, even as a probationer - as you will see if you do. And it's practically free - so what have you to lose?

To sign up for probationary membership, please use the following button:

We realise, of course, that many people would not be able to join as members of the Community under the foregoing rules, as they are too far away from London to fulfil our requirement for regular attendance at our Gatherings. There is, alas, no way around that - but we do offer an associate membership for just £10 per month to people of goodwill. For this you get access to our news journal, our comic, and various other writings which we put out from time to time. The monies raised go towards our various campaigns for the rights of British Pagans.

To sign up for Associate Membership of the Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community, please use this button:

Premium Membership of the Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community comprises of all the foregoing benefits (although still being subject to the probationary period). You not only get to be at the heart of the organisation, helping in its work and making a difference for Paganism, but also you get the news journal and comic as part of your subscription - and, by and by, you may get a starring role in the comic too!

Premium Membership is a very reasonable £13.50 a mononth. To join at this level, please use the button below:

We realise, of course, that not everyone is a joiner. If this is you, or perhaps you don't want the commitment that any level of membership would bring, but would still like to help the Troubadours of Albion in its very valuable work in safeguarding our heritage, culture and Olde Ways, you can still do so by donating. You can donate whatever you like, although obviously a handcrafted snowplough is going to have its work cut out navigating the cyberspacial alleyways of PayPal. If, however, you can spare any cash, you can be sure that it'll go to very good use in our various projects. To donate, then, please use the button below:

The Gods of Albion thank you.

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