Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community

The Power of Values

PowerLet's start using our power, and standing up for our values.

The West is failing to defend its values because this would mean an assertion that our values are superior to other values, and this is akin to colonialism. It's the same reason we don't prosecute horrible cultural practices which amount to crimes in Britain, because that would be imposing British-made laws on to non-British groups, and that might amount to colonialism, they'll say.

The calls for "solidarity" are now spreading all over the internet, but my question is: solidarity with whom? With France? That is a given.

But we will not stand in solidarity with the Muslim Council of Britain, or Saudi Arabia, or Muslim Brotherhood linked groups, or the OIC bullies at the United Nations, because we recognise that they are all committed to values that represent a danger to our own, and are a real threat to the free and democratic world.

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