Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community

Solstice Shenanigans

We recently went to the Winter Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge - its proper purpose, as we believe.

There was fun had by all, who celebrated in their own fashion.  But then when that fashion is not in alignment with the whole reason for the Stones' existence, then it can pall a little. Many's the time we've been told, either individually or as a Community, that we can't criticise others' way of communing with the cosmos - and to a certain extent, we can see the point from whence our accusers are coming.  But then we can, and will, criticise those who, for example, marry Odin with Bast and expect the two energies to work well together: it just ain't happening.

We can, and will, criticise, too, those who call themselves one thing but act in a contrary fashion to what that which they profess to believe.  For instance, we are Traditional British Cunning-Folk: we have a certain way to behave, and a certain code by which we live.  We don't go swanning around, for example, in velvet robes waving a wand at anyone who expresses an interest.  We don't work with deities from foreign climes, nor do we advertise ourselves to all and sundry.  And we don't keep our Craft just for festivals and then go to work and forget all about it 'til next time.

But all of this was on display at the Stones. We had celebrants climbing all over the stones (which one has come to expect); we had people chanting in what sounded like stage Cherokee, but which may have been the outward vestiges of toothache; we had the shaven-headed girl with a slave-collar on gyrating to the beat of several drums (to which the Cherokee toothache song was being wailed); we had the obligatory bearded stockbrokers in their festival-special sack-cloth robes, now with added St George's Cross.

All good fun, if you fancy being a laughing-stock. We were spared the sight of "King Arthur" knighting people, which would have been a bridge-closure-to-the-cosmos too far.


But all these - even the "King Arthur" minstrelsy of previous years - were as nothing compared to the sight of a Scouser Ghengiz Khan't complete with Mongol hordes selling crystals.  

There they were, all decked out with one of the Bluestones as a table, and they were discussing prices.  Obviously they were trying to hide the fact that commerce was taking place, but it obviously was: if you tarried long enough, you would have heard the surreptitious badinage of economic diplomacy.  Eventually they left their Bluestone encampment, the Scouser scrotum saying "let's go and sell something".  That is disrespectful.  

Obviously whilst all manner of vaguely Pagan person alights on Stonehenge of a Solstice and are welcome, that such a sacred sight is treated as a marketplace should be disgusting to all who hold it dear.  Of course, there will be those who will caution us to chill out and relaxxxx, man, but we would that these are the same people who would cede ground to less chilled out people, who would by and by lose us our birthright to the extent that we are once again not allowed to practice so openly.  

We remember a time when such open practice was the surest route to a death-sentence.  Naturally, we celebrate that Witchcraft is no longer a crime in this country, but we know there are still those who would not be too circumspect about the law in exterminating what they see as our evil ways.


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