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Imams Ordering Pagan Beheadings?


Don'tcha just love it?

Of course, I'm not talking about our beloved Paganism – which is, after all, more spirituality than religion – I'm talking about what most “progressive” commentators talk about when they bump their gums in a fairly aggressive manner: the Abrahamic faiths.
What I'm talking about is perhaps the antithesis of Paganism. Yes, they do some good as do we, but the major difference is the baggage which seems to dog their adherents wherever they go – absolutism and totalitarianism. And you can bet they've got us in their sights: Pagans, Witches, Druids, all our indigenous religions and our way of life will be swept before them if Islam – especially political Islam – ever gets to hold sway in this country.

We know, from our history, what unbridled and unprincipled use of corrupt power can do. We've seen people slaughtered for not sharing the beliefs of the overlords, for using power which was not sanctioned or ordained by them, for not needing their priests to communicate with our gods. We've seen power corrupt, and absolute power corrupt absolutely. We've seen wars started by the minutest differences in doctrine, and woe betide anyone who departs completely from their faith.
So much, then, for Christianity.

But there's a new kid on the block, and from the same part of the world. It is now more-or-less where Christianity was when they were burning Witches and people they suspected, because of a lazy eye here, a black cat there or a bodily imperfection elsewhere, were Witches. And this new kid on the block is merrily slaughtering its way through whole communities of Christians, atheists, gays and goodness only knows who else where it holds a dominant role, because some of its adherents think it is the One True Faith.
And, thanks largely, to the European Union, it's coming here.

Most of the migrants being let in due to the Keystone Cops inefficiency of the European Union's border controls are, for the moment, harmless enough. but there are those within these migrating communities with evil intent who have sworn to infiltrate our country through our largesse. Of course, it's right to help those in need, but for a start the 1951 Geneva Convention on Asylum dictates that an asylum seeker should seek it in the first safe country they reach. Obviously, France is not an unsafe country, nor is Germany, Holland, Denmark or any other land on the other side of the sea from us. Yet we are being asked to take many people who are not endangered and, not having had asylum applications processed, are as yet unchecked as to who they are and what their purpose in wanting to come to our lands is.

Jean-Claude Juncker, furthermore, wants to make it so that the whole of the European Union is one big country, so that anyone fetching up in Greece or Italy has free reign to travel where they will in the EU. And, given that we have one of the most generous benefits systems for migrants, this is where a great many of them are headed.

And consider this. The Qur'an has two parts. The early parts deal with an earlier period where its ideas were held by a minority. In this part, it was conciliatory and meek, not wanting to offend anyone, saying that “you have your religion, we have ours, and let's all live together in harmony”. Then, its numbers swelled – and all hell broke loose, as told in the later chapters. “Kill the unbeliever wherever you may find him”, it railed, amongst other things. And there is a principle in Islam, where the later verses supersede the earlier ones they contradict. Of course, it is true that not all of these migrants shout “ali akhbar had a snackbar” at every opportunity, but enough of them do to raise concerns. Remember, a dram of weasel-droppings in a vat of beer makes even the alcoholic think twice.

And Islam is much the same as Christianity. It, too, is a monotheistic, totalitarian, evangelical faith. The difference is that Islam seeks to spread the word at the point of a sword, Muhammed having been a warlord. And, being a religion in its early stages of evolution, it doesn't believe in secularism nor, indeed, in the reason that behoves peaceful coexistence. Of course, some would maintain that the word Islam means “peace” - but it is a peace which can only come, according to the fanatics, to those of the faith. To others, the word means “submission”, which is what non-believers should do to achieve peace. Others of the book can pay a “jiziiya” tax – a religious protection racket. That just leaves Pagans.

Are we headed for another, literal, WITCH HUNT? Is the number of Islamic people going to swell such that, once meek and conciliatory Muslims become rabid fanatics, just as in the religion's infancy? Are we going to see our people – our Pagans, our Witches, our Druids – beheaded on the orders of some power-crazed Imam? I think that unless we are very careful – more careful, for instance, than the EU is being – then we will see such things.


Now, given the whole swathes of people, some of whom are genuine refugees, some economic migrants, some rapists and paedophiles and some terrorists and religious zealots with murderous intent, what are you going to do? Are you going to form a road for this rag-tag army of supposedly displaced people can march in and, by sheer force of numbers, take over your schools, your hospitals, your homes and, perhaps, your lives? Or are you going to take a stand and make sure such help as is genuinely needed is given to those who wish us no harm?

If the latter, let's get together and take that stand.

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