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Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown, by GruffuddWelcome to the Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community!

The Troubadours of Albion is a community of Cunning Folk, with its source in a hereditary line traced back over five centuries. The history of Cunning Folk is interesting, for back in the mists of ancient time we were the Wise Women, the apothecaries, the midwives and the seers. Of course, we are Wise Women and Cunning Men still, for our wisdom has been handed down the generations over many centuries; and whilst apothecaries and midwives need to pander to the whims of bureaucracy to practice nowadays, these are also our domains, as are the noble arts of divination in its many forms.

We offer many services and products - some hand-made, some very special order - to enhance your life and, if you are Pagan, we are able to minister to you in any aspect you require, whether you wish to be handfasted, to have a young'in sained or, at the gateway at the end of life, to celebrate a beloved soul - all to the exacting standards of Cunning Craft. We also perform whatever ritual you may have in mind, and our experienced practitioners are able to advise you on the safest way to enact it commensurate with the results you desire.

The Nine Ladies, by GruffuddWe have an abiding fascination with the history of our fair island and are keen to propagate what we see as the truth of it - which is a far cry from that found in the mainstream. We do not subscribe to the view that all things of worth came to this country from a more civilised near east - we are proud clarions for a Great British civilisation which stretched far farther back than the Greeks. We are cheerleaders for the games of Lugh, which preceded the Olympic games and which were no less sacred in their origin, and our national identity which the centuries have ground into obscurity.

If you are in London, or near enough to reasonably attend regular Gatherings, then you may join our Community, membership of which is highly prized because it is a rare opportunity to share in the traditions of hereditary, undiluted Cunning Craft. For more information, see or Membership page.

Of course, there are a great many more people unable to attend our Gatherings than able - alas, logistics won't favour those resolutely domiciled in New Zealand, for instance - but to those we offer Associate Membership, which is still not to be sniffed at as it gives you the opportunity to assist the Community in its ongoing battles on behalf of the Pagan community of Britain. All that plus we keep you informed and entertained through our various publications.

However you wish to use this site, we hope you find it useful, and enjoy!

Blessings Bright
Vanessa and Andrew

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